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Silver medal for Ivybridge teenager in World Biathlete Championships

A teenager from Ivybridge has won a silver medal at the World Biathlete Championships, Travis Bramley picked up second place in Cyprus, and is also the British Champion.

Fourteen-year-old Travis Bramley from Ivybridge competed in the World Biathel championships in Cyprus earlier this month.

Competitors from 25 different countries run, swim and run again, in a real test of stamina.

It was brilliant, the feeling of pride was absolutely immense, standing up on the podium with two other international athletes on a world stage just makes you realise all the hard training and work is worth it at the moment.

– Travis Bramley

When he is not competing in events across the world, Travis attends Ivybridge Community College, where he has to balance his training regime with his studies. He said:

Its about working along side him and blending his studies with his training and programme and we bend where we need to and make sure he's well prepared, plenty of notice and release him from lessons if need be but he's got a fantastic work ethic so he he catches up, he's a bring young man and he make sure he's on top of his studies as well.

Travis does ten hours of swimming a week, and his running and bike sessions take up most of his evenings.

It means time socialising with friends can be limited, but his ambitions for the future are a huge motivation.

I hope to move into triathlon now and be successful in the british super series next year and then in the not too distant future i look to get on the england talent programme and try and compete abroad in triathlon now and try and get to some world series events or ICU events and ultimately i want to compete in the olympics and have the opportunity of becoming olympic champion in triathlon.

With that kind of determination, these may just be the first of many medals brought back to Ivybridge.