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Morris dancers launch recruitment drive

It can take months to learn all the moves Photo: ITV News West Country

What do a banker, lawyer and farm labourer all have in common? They get their kicks from hats and sticks - they're all Morris dancers.

And now the Morris dancing season is over, The Exeter Morris men have launched a recruitment drive for next year.

Music plays a big part in the traditional dances Credit: ITV News West Country

In village halls across the country, men gather to perfect their dancing skills.

In Exeter, the group come from all walks of life and it's as much about the comradeship (and the odd pint or two) as it is about the dancing.

The group come from all walks of life Credit: ITV News West Country

There's more to it than meets the eye and it can take months of practice before all the moves are learnt.

Our reporter Richard Lawrence went along to see what it takes to join their merry group: