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£200,000 project to restore iconic lodges

Iconic lodges are being restored over a ten year period Photo: ITV News West Country

A ten year project costing £200,000 is taking place on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall.

The Trelowarren estate is working alongside Natural England to restore the estate's iconic Double Lodges and return the surrounding land to natural Cornish heath - its original 1750s landscape.

The lodges will be restored with the help of Natural England Credit: ITV News West Country

If all goes according to plan the former lodges will soon be restored to their former glory. The history of Trelowarren and the Vyvyan family goes back 600 years and in 1930 a visit here fired Daphne du Maurier's imagination, when she described the estate in her diary as 'the most beautiful place imaginable.'

The land around the Lodges will gradually be restored to Cornish Heath and Cattle will be used to graze on it.

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