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Woman stuffs dead mice to create tiny characters

Farmer mice - some of Liz's creations Photo: ITV News West Country

How would you like to live in a house with several hundred dead animals peering at you as you watch television? Well it's normal for Liz Davis from Minehead.

She works as an embalmer during the day, then when she gets home she stuffs animals. She's now turning a hobby into a successful sideline selling stuffed mice online. Apparently there's a lot of demand.

Liz Davis stuffs mice in the evening and embalms the dead by day Credit: ITV News West Country

In Liz Davis's house wherever you look there's something looking back at you.

With her day job as an embalmer, you'd think she might want to get away from death in the evening. But not so:

I enjoy the whole preservation work during the day and I enjoy it during the evening when I taxiderm my mice. A lot of people do think it is quite a weird, I wouldn't call it an obsession, a strange collection but no I don't think there is anything strange in it.

– Liz Davis, Taxidermist
This rotund punk mouse will cost you £45 Credit: ITV News West Country

The mice were bred to be snake food and are delivered frozen from a pet shop but the mice with their pins for eyes are indifferent to life and death now.

Liz recreates historical figures including this Napoleon mouse Credit: ITV News West Country

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