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Dorset vaccination programme: "impractical" and "expensive"

The NFU says DWT's vaccination programme of badgers is "naive" Photo:

The National Farmers Union says a wildlife trust is being 'naive' as it starts to vaccinate badgers against TB. It says it WON'T cure the disease and will see badgers continue to suffer slow and agonising deaths.

Dorset Wildlife Trust claims vaccinations are more effective in controlling TB than culls.

The Dorset Wildlife Trust is starting the vaccination programme on its land in response to the trial culls where badgers were shot.

But the cull in West Somerset killed just 65 per cent of badgers - the target was 70 per cent.

That was despite the cull being extended by three weeks.

Ian Johnson from the National Farmers' Union "Vaccination will not kill badgers. One badger in 3 is already sick in the hotspot areas"

Martin Dowse reports from Dorset.