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Students have designs on Selfridges

Students from Malmesbury School in Wiltshire had lessons of a different kind this week. They took a school trip to Selfridges in London - not to go shopping at the historic store - but to get some hands-on experience in design and engineering.

The store is very different these days from that featured in the ITV drama, Mr Selfridge, but the spirit of innovation and invention still lives on.

"Mr Selfridge" always embraced innovation Credit: ITV Studios

The store has created a modern-day amphitheatre, designed by award-winning architect Rem Koolhaas, for its Festival of Imagination where it encourages people to discuss ideas and design. The Malmesbury School students took over the Imaginarium, as it's been called, for a day of exploration into how inventions become reality.

The Wiltshire students get a briefing in Selfridges' Imaginarium Credit: James Dyson Foundation

The day of invention was hosted by the James Dyson Foundation. The charity was set up by inventor Sir James Dyson - who has his headquarters in Malmesbury in Wiltshire.

It provides financial support to medical and scientific research, engineering education and local causes.

It also aims to encourage young people to develop their engineering, design and technology skills and perhaps become inventors too.

The young people worked together on turning Dyson parts into something completely different Credit: James Dyson Foundation

The James Dyson Foundation hopes that the Malmesbury School pupils who took part in the workshop at Selfridges will become more engaged with engineering and understand the concepts behind it.

Certainly the Imaginarium provides a great setting to work together.

It's easy to think about design when you're working in a creative environment Credit: James Dyson Foundation

Whether or not the youngsters go on to have a career in engineering - they certainly had a fun day out. This monster is made up of Dyson vacuum cleaner parts, sticky tape and quite a few laughs.

This group's finished design was made up of Dyson parts and rather a lot of sticky tape Credit: James Dyson Foundation