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Bosnian boy, helped by Dorset people needs more treatment

Stefan Savic needs more treatment, as he struggles to breathe Photo: ITV News West Country

A young Bosnian boy who was helped to have a life changing operation by the people of Dorset a decade ago, now needs more treatment and fundraising is underway to help him once more. Stefan Savic has a severe facial deformity and is struggling to breathe.

He was spotted by a British soldier, Wayne Ingram who was serving in the country at the time.

In 2004, after he'd recovered from the first operation to improve his facial deformity, Stefan Savic had two words for the man who'd helped bring him to Britain for treatment.

Stefan was spotted by a British soldier, Wayne Ingram Credit: ITV News West Country

Wayne Ingram first met Stefan while on a military tour of Bosnia. Since his surgery in 2003, Stefan has grown and thrived and he's now fourteen. Wayne has stayed in touch with his family ever since.

"He now plays the accordian, sings in the school choir. one of the things he always said was he wanted to wear glasses and now he wears glasses constantly. but he's excelling. There's no problems at school, he's able to study well. He's top of the class in his grades, he's progressing really well and he's turned out to be a strong young boy."

– Wayne Ingram

A decade ago, Stefan was treated at the Great Ormond Street Hospital. His family couldn't afford to pay for it, so the people of Dorset rallied to raise tens of thousands of pounds. Wayne Ingram later turned his fundraising skills to help build an orphanage in Africa. But now he's relaunching the Stefan Savic Appeal because Stefan needs another operation to help him breathe.

Stefan Savic needs

"When I started it all those years ago, I said I'd see it through to the end and at that ten year point, he needs that further surgery and that's why I'm still here because we need to give him the life he deserves."

– Wayne Ingram

If they raise the money, Stefan will be back in Britain later this year. It'll be an emotional reunion.

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