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Fishermen stuck in Newlyn for 10 weeks

Fishermen stuck in Newlyn for 10 weeks Photo: ITV News West Country

The bad weather is once again taking its toll on our region. It means yet another day in port for the Westcountry's beleaguered fishing fleet.

Some haven't been able to get out and earn money for 10 weeks now. In Newlyn an appeal has been launched to help raise money for those worst affected.

Crab fishermen Robert Broderick has over £10,000 worth of storm damaged crab pots somewhere off Lands End. But he can't even get out there to salvage them. It's been 10 weeks.

"We have only done six days fishing, that's from the beginning of December til now, we fished nothing in February at all, three days in December, three days in January, it's hit very hard."

– Robert Broderick Crab Fisherman

The mood here is one of quiet concern.

"It is endless, it's highly unusual to get storm system after storm system coming in so frequently and not being able to put to sea, I haven't been to sea since January 30th."

– David Stevens Fisherman
Wholesalers in Plymouth aren't getting the fresh daily catch Credit: ITV News West Country

It's also impacting sellers like this wholesaler in Plymouth which isn't getting the fresh daily catch consumers want.

"It just limits the variety that we can have, and we have to use more farmed bass, farmed bream, farmed salmon, trout. It doesn't affect things like mussels, but it does affect things and the price of monkfish, lemon soles, John Dory's, they're just scarse."

– Nick Henry Fish Wholesaler
Seafarers welcome fundraising help Credit: ITV News West Country

Back in Newlyn the mission to seafarers is a welcome retreat for those stuck ashore. Always on standby, they can't claim benefits, or commit easily to other jobs.

Most welcome then, is its fundraising appeal for those struggling financially. Already Seafarers UK has given a £50,000 donation.

"The appeal will really give us the financial where with all to really make a difference in people's lives, to deliver that support to the family or the individual and meet real needs, not theoretical things but things like mortgages, utility bills, rent areas."

– Keith Dickson Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen

The Mission is urging anyone in need to apply for a share.

In the meantime larger vessels load up optimistically with ice in hope of a gap in the weather. Many here will say that can't come soon enough.

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