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Snowboarder Jenny's victory tour

Bristol acknowledges its best - with a homecoming bus tour of the city Credit: ITV News West Country

Jenny Jones made history when she won bronze at Sochi - the first Briton to win a medal on snow at the Winter Olympics. Today the snowboarder's home city of Bristol acknowledged her amazing achievement with an open-top bus tour taking her from Downend in South Gloucestershire where she was born to the very top - City Hall in Bristol.

Jenny Jones started her afternoon back at school. Listen to the huge cheer pupils at Hambrook Primary School had for her when she arrived and told them all about winning at Sochi.

She then got a big welcome at Downend Secondary School - where the pupils were given another chance to see her bronze-winning tactics.

A warm welcome at Downend School in Westerleigh Road Credit: ITV News West Country

And then off on her travels - fans lined the route as she headed into the city on the open-top bus.

Here's a video of part of her journey - which began with a greeting from the Lord Mayor of Bristol Faruk Choudhury.

Our Sports Correspondent Matthias Kurth was on the bus with Jenny Jones - she told him she wasn't about to retire any time soon.

Finally - and after much cheering and waving of flags - Jenny Jones arrived at City Hall where she was presented with a plaque in honour of her medal.

Jenny Jones is surrounded by the Lord Mayor and the Mayor of Bristol as she shows off the plaque to mark her achievement Credit: ITV News West Country

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