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Why we should eat 'sustainable' hake

"Hake is a real good news story for the Cornish fish industry." Photo: PA

People in the West Country are being encouraged to eat more Hake. The fish has been designated the most sustainable in the country. That means catching it doesn't damage either the population of Hake in the Atlantic Ocean or other that of other species. Neither does it affect the marine environment.

Around 13,000 tonnes of Hake are landed in the UK each year according to the Seafish, which represents the UK's seafood industry. But only 1.5% is eaten in this country. Most is sold to Spain or France.

Fishermen in Cornwall expect to see up to 11,000 tonnes of hake land in Newlyn this year Credit: PA

At the moment, Hake is a real good news story for the Cornish fish industry.The scientists and the fishermen agree that this is a stock that is healthy, the biomass - the number of fish in the sea - is going up, they're being fished sustainably with large mesh gill nets, so it's positive news.

Around a thousand tonnes were landed in Newlyn last year and this year we expect to see 1000 or 1100 tonnes so it's a really positive story here.

– PAUL TREBILCOCK, Cornish Fish Producers Organisation

You go to any restaurant in Barcelona and there is Hake done in a hundred ways. And we've just started to discover it in this country. The flavour of it is fantastic, it's got a really wonderful texture, it's very versatile. And as a white fish nation, Hake is perfect for us.

– MITCH TONKS, Restaurateur, Plymouth & Dartmouth