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Storm Forum in Devon

The winter weather caused extensive damage to the rail line at Dawlish Photo: Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

The winter storms which battered the South West will be the focus of a special meeting of the Devon Maritime Forum today.

The meeting at Plymouth's Marine Laboratory, will assess the impact of the severe storms and the response to them. It will also explore how to build resilience to the increasing risk of coastal flooding and erosion.

"This winter's storms caused an unprecedented amount of damage and disruption. With the likelihood that the occurrence of such extreme events will increase in future, we need to learn from the lessons of the experience and identify the most effective ways to cope with future extreme events.

– Prof. Ed Maltby, Devon Maritime Forum

The Forum will hear first-hand accounts of how communities responded to the storms and how they are planning for future events. There will be discussion on how Devon's coastal communities, businesses, land owners and individuals can get the necessary protection and support to help coastal communities cope with and recover from extreme events.

Storms battering Dawlish Credit: Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire