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Surfing could come to a new lake near Bristol

The artificial lake near Almondsbury would have five feet waves to provide ideal conditions for surfers Photo: The Wave

The West Country could be about to get its first surfing centre - not on the coast, but inland. South Gloucestershire councillors are meeting this afternoon to consider plans for a £6 million artificial lake on farmland near Almondsbury, near Bristol, where five feet high waves will be generated.

A young surfer has a go on a prototype version of The Wave in Spain Credit: The Wave

The backers of "The Wave" claim it will offer more reliable surfing conditions than the sea. The scheme is based on a prototype in northern Spain.

The plan - which will also including a swimming lake and landscaped garden - is recommended for approval, with around 30 conditions attached.

Because the land is in the green belt, and the scheme effectively involves a change of use from agriculture to leisure, a final decision is likely to rest with the Secretary of State.

An artist's impression of the plans for the artificial lake on farmland near Almondsbury Credit: The Wave

Almondsbury parish council, and 500 local residents, have objected because of fears about traffic and the impact on the area. But against that, there are more than 1,200 letters of support, citing the need to encourage outdoor sport.

The backers are hoping if all goes well to have The Wave open by next summer.