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Northlew remembers its war dead with 3D light show

One of the 3D images on a building in Northlew. Photo: ITV News/Duncan Sleightholme

A community in North Devon has come together for a spectacular event to remember villagers who were killed during the First World War. A quarter of the men from Northlew who went off to fight never returned. Proportionally the village lost more men than anywhere else in Britain.

Part of the military commemorations in Northlew. Credit: ITV News/Duncan Sleightholme

3D images have been projected onto homes around the village square depicting images of the Somme and the destruction of battle. A cascade of poppies falling across the buildings, brought a sombre conclusion along with a roll-call of those who died.

Crowds gather for the light show. Credit: ITV News/Duncan Sleightholme

Our main point for it was to make people remember what they have seen, which is why we wanted it to be visual, so it is right in their face and they can't forget and they will just remember it, tell their children their grand children, their friends. A night to remember really.

– Jay Marson, Organiser
WW1 enlistment posters projected onto a building. Credit: ITV News/Duncan Sleightholme

A simple stone memorial in the village church carries the names of 22 men who died. Research for this project uncovered four more. So of the 100 men who left this village to fight, more than a quarter never came back.

As well as the light show, villagers gathered for a commemoration in the square. There were marching bands, prayers and a fly-past by a 1917 biplane. A community vowing to never forget, 100 years since the start of the war.

We want everyone to go home feeling that they should remember, they should commemorate and not take it lightly that they all died so we could be here.

– Tania Haycocks, Organiser
Onlookers gather for the commemorations. Credit: ITV News/Duncan Sleightholme