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Cornish children inspired by 'Dragonology'

Inspired by the books, one member of the class draws their own dragon Photo: ITV News West Country

Nevermind the three R's, children at a Cornish primary school have been studying the much more exciting sounding 'Dragonology".

It's all part of a project by Exeter University to teach children about Cornwall's myths and legends, and get them excited about reading too

Hannah Brown, one of the authors reads to the class Credit: ITV News West Country

Students from the university have been reading to the children at Kennal Vale School in Ponsonooth.

The mythical stories have been written by the students themselves, and its hoped they'll inspire children to read and write themselves.

The books feature the likes of dragons and wizards Credit: ITV News West Country

Our ambition is to create interesting, irreverent, fun children's stories that look into the history and environment of Cornwall and just to create a new genre that can inspire people and new young writers and readers.

– Pier Henriquis, Student & Penryn Press Founder

Kathy Wardle joined the kids for a reading of one of the tales. You can see what both her and the children thought of the story below.