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Family threatened with fine for taking disabled son on holiday

Curtis Ingrouille-Kidd has up to 40 seizures a day. He can only make out the difference between light and dark but he understands simple sentences and if you spend a little time with him and his mother it is clear he enjoys listening to her and being with her.

His school will allow him to go into respite care so the rest of the family can go on holiday, but his family want him to go with them.

We're going to carry on and take him out, we're not for a minute going to stop having our family holiday with Curtis. Curtis will be 14 in October and the prognosis for Curtis we were told is 14 to 19 years so it is quite a significant year this year. It is our silver wedding anniversary, my husband's 50th birthday and the start of anxious years ahead really

– Maxine Ingrouille-Kidd, mother

They were deeply upset when they got a letter saying they were breaking the rules if they took Curtis out for 9 days just before half term in October.

They agree schools should try to prevent truancy but believe common sense isn't being applied. They don't want to name Curtis' school because he's adopted and it could cause problems.

The Local Education Authority has now spoken to the school. They told me the head teacher doesn't have and never had any intention to press for a fine but her hands were tied and the holiday has to be marked as an unauthorised absence on the official form.