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Autistic boy's life transformed by horse charity

6-year-old Ollie Wilson at he Horshoes and Handprints charity Photo: ITV West Country

Just one year ago Ollie Wilson's parents never believed their son could be so calm and happy.

This was Ollie before he started therapy. His parents have given us permission to show this - although some may find it distressing.

These episodes would happen up to three times a day and could last up to half an hour. There was nothing his family could do to help him.

But after months of coming to the Horshoes and Handprints charity, Ollie and his family's lives have been transformed.

The specially trained horses are used to calm Ollie. They even let him paint them. It's all helped to build his confidence.

The first time he came the 6 year old smiled for the first time. .

Once he is calm therapists like Robin Beck, are able to help him with his school work. Similar techniques are used to be Ollie's teachers. It means he can stay in a mainstream school where he has started making his own friends.

Physical contact, massage, movement, rhythmic movement, stimulate the release of a very powerful hormone called oxytocin, which stimulates social and communication centres of the brain.

– Robin Beck, Therapist