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50mph winds hit Cornwall, while other areas get an inch of rainfall

North Devon residents narrowly avoid getting flooded Photo: ITV News West Country

Lashing rain and fierce winds have battered parts of south west Britain as the remnants of Hurricane Bertha sweep across the country. Winds gusting at almost 50mph struck Cornwall this morning, while more than an inch of rain fell overnight across parts of the region.

The former hurricane tore through the Caribbean early last week and has now brought Britain's warm, balmy summer to an abrupt end. There are fears this could trigger further floods, and 13 alerts are in place across the country including the south west.

"It is more of an autumnal storm. The rainfall is fairly persistent over the Midlands, north east and north west of England. While there is more showery rain in the south and west of England and Wales."

– Rachael Vince, a forecaster with MeteoGroup

Cornwall's largest surf festival Boardmasters cancelled it's last day of music due to strong winds. And for some residents in Bickington near Barnstaple the forecast of severe wet weather brings with it continued anxiety of being flooded.

By the time South West Highways staff arrived in Springfield Road this morning the flash flooding had begun to soak away. But the blocked drains only cleared last month were still full of water. It's the third time in a year that Derek Parkin's bungalow has had rain water come in through the back wall under the floorboards and out the front of the property.

Drains were blocked in Bickington Credit: ITV News West Country

"Five o'clock this morning woke up heard water running down our path here came out but I had to go out the front way as the water was up 18 inches at our backdoor went round the front as you can see the drain here water was backed up right up to here just flowing right in."

– Derek Parkin

His neighbours had the flood water inside their porch. The engineers tried to find the blockage. When these Bickington residents heard that ex-tropical storm Bertha was forecast to bring strong winds and rain last night they feared it might flood inside their homes.

"Whenever it rains heavy you know when you wake up in the morning there's going to be a flood it needs to be sorted out. It's the mess you know it's the aftermath it's cleaning up after all the decking is washed up out the back, it needs to be sorted really."

– Steven Morgan
The height of the flood was visible on the wall Credit: ITV News West Country

The height of the flood is clearly visible on the wall, they were lucky this time. Elsewhere across the region roads had some surface flooding with an inch of rain falling overnight and a number of tree branches were brought down but the storm had lost much of its power by the time it struck.