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Disabled sand chairs have been destroyed by vandals in Polzeath

Disabled sand chairs have been destroyed by vandals in Polzeath Photo: ITV News West Country

An act of vandalism means people in wheelchairs won't be able to access specially adapted chairs on a Cornish beach - for the rest of the summer. The chairs cost thousands of pounds and won't be replaced at Polzeath until next year. They're offered at a handful beaches where it's difficult to get a wheelchair onto the sand.

Their giant wheels have been making this beach accessible to disabled people for years but these charred remains are now all that's left of the two specially adapted sand chairs at Polzeath.

These kids broke into our surf school. To fuel their fire they used wheelchairs, they've used surf boards they've used clothing we give out to our local kids club. And they've made a really big fire on the beach. It is really really upsetting people need access to the water, they can't walk into the water or swim so these chairs are designed so people can get into the water so it is really upsetting that people have ruined their holidays. And it's something we're not used to down here.

– Tommy Pottison, Surf School

Police are investigating the break in and believe it was a group of kids aged between 14 and 16 on holiday. The charity that donated the chairs are worried people's holidays will be ruined.

These specially adapted chairs have been destroyed Credit: ITV News West Country

You can't take a normal wheelchair on sand and you certainly can't take one into the sea so they are really important for access. Lots of visitors to the county will plan their holiday around where they can access the sea. And Polzeath is one of those. Especially as we have two chairs, lots of peole only have one. So people plan as to whether they can get their loved ones in the sea.

– Cathyrn Bishop, Quinnian Trust

The Surf School is now raising money to buy new equipment and hope the chairs can be replaced before the end of the summer