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RNLI in Cornwall face busiest season

RNLI in Cornwall face busiest season Photo: ITV News

Record number of tourists mean the RNLI is experiencing one of its busiest periods at the moment. The last few days at Perranporth Beach in Cornwall have seen a number of rescues some more serious than others.

Fortunately they've all had a positive outcome. Today most of their time was spent dealing with people who'd been stung by Weaver Fish.

Weaver Fish are causing problems for surfers Credit: ITV News

Pretty saw actually to begin with not that saw, it kind of built up and up and I realised that something was wrong and it was quite painful really.

– Richard Webb, Injured surfer

A low tide that's when they tend to come out and with the amount of feet we have and with Perranporth Beach being such a busy beach I suppose it does happen doesn't it.

– Mitch Coldcutt, Lifeguard
RNLI is dealing with one of it's most busiest seasons Credit: ITV News

Ninety five per cent of a lifeguard's work is preventative.

Despite dealing with the Weavers and other minor first aids and some major first aids the lifeguards are faced with the observation of the water because of their skills in being able to read the water and the conditions. We'll look at weather forecasts we know about the spring and neat tides we are able to identify on the beach certain patterns on the shifting sands of where they'll be what we call a rip current.

– Ben Gardiner, Lifeguard Supervisor

Two out of three people in the UK will head to the seaside at least once this year. The RNLI relies on public donations and legacies to maintain its service. Every year around 7,000 beach goers get into serious difficulties.

Each year 7,000 beach users get into difficulties Credit: ITV News

Every day is different that's what's fun about this job I guess, it is really exciting, you get to meet so many people, everything's different.

– Georgia Maughan, Lifeguard

When most people are out enjoying themselves, these people are working, making sure everyone has another weekend to enjoy.