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Bristol's Community Nurses go mobile

The tablet Photo: Katie Rowlett / ITV NEWS

Community nurses in Bristol are revolutionising the way they work by taking down patient's notes on a tablet device rather than paper. The tablet can save nurses up to an hour day meaning more contact with patients. So far, more than two hundred workers at Bristol Community Health have adopted the new way of working.

Katie King, District Nurse uses the tablet when seeing Pam Credit: Katie Rowlett / ITV News
The patient Pam signs her consent on the device Credit: Katie Rowlett / ITV News

This is real time, so it's much more accurate. We have more time with the patient to do this face to face. So it's a much more productive day.

– Katie King, District Nurse

Compare is with Laura Turner, who is a Respiratory Physiologist. She has to write down every ache and pain and treatment method. The paperwork takes up valuable time.

Laura King is writing down notes Credit: Katie Rowlett / ITV News

We have a few forms to fill out when we first see patients and continuation notes for every subsequent visit. It can take time, particularly if there's a lot of problems.

– Laura Turner, Respiratory Physiotherapist

Afterwards Laura types up the notes from her appointment. It makes double the work compared with using a tablet.

Laura working the time consuming way Credit: Katie Rowlett / ITV News

The idea is the brain child of a social enterprise called Bristol Community Health which is funded by the NHS. It has used one and half million pounds to roll out the project. It's Chief Executive, Julia Clarke says it's money better spent than on front line nurses.

200 nurses at Bristol Community Health are currently use devices. 500 will be taking it on in next few months freeing up more time for patient care.

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