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Endangered deer born at Newquay Zoo

Kita's arrival is part of an on-going conservation project Photo: Newquay Zoo

An extremely rare Philippine spotted deer has been born at Newquay Zoo.

The fawn is now 40-days-old and the breed is so endangered that less than 2,500 exist in the wild.

Conservationists say this is a result of illegal hunting and habit destruction.

Kita and her mum Credit: Newquay Zoo

We are absolutely thrilled with the arrival of our new fawn, Kita. She was conceived and born here at The Zoo under the watchful eye of both our anxious keepers and her equally anxious parents. The result of her birth means that our conservation efforts for this endangered species can continue in tandem with the efforts of The IUCN Red List.

– John Meek, Newquay Zoo