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'Unrecognisable to my own brother': Man paralysed in drink-drive crash warns young people

Greg Sumner is paralysed from the neck down after a drink-driving crash. Credit: Fixers

A young father from Somerset left paralysed after a drink-driving accident has a powerful warning about the devastating impact alcohol can have.

25-year-old Greg Sumner, who has a young son, can no longer move his body below the neck after he was a passenger in a crash which killed two others. The driver was 2 and a half times over the limit.

His shocking and powerful message was made with the help of Fixers, a campaign that gives young people a voice.

He says:

"This friend of mine had been drinking. I knew that but it was not really an issue. Because he was drunk he took a corner too wide and that's where we had the smash."

"Two people dead, me almost dead, X amount of people's lives affected or destroyed. I've been left paralysed from the neck down."

"My Fixers project is to warn young people about drink driving."

– Greg Sumner
Greg Sumner as he was before the accident. Credit: ITV West Country

"I have a young son, he's 4-years-old. What if he falls over and hurts his knee? How do I help him? I can't, I won't be able to."

– Greg Sumner