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Why won't the rain go away? Bob's weather blog reveals all

More on what's to come with with our weather guru Bob Crampton

After one of the wettest Decembers on record, January is taking up the mantel as well. Or doing a very good job at giving us high rainfall for the beginning of the month.

The jet stream has moved south but its still a highway for low pressure systems to fly in with their associated rain fronts. Rivers are now full and surrounding land is saturated. With yet more rain to come there's the spectre of localised flooding.

In the last 48 hours some places in the West Country have had more than an inch and a half of rainfall.

More showers are lined up for tomorrow but they'll be well scattered. Some areas will stay dry...and even bright. A much drier day on Wednesday. Then the showers will be rekindled for the rest of this week. In between them there's a good chance of sunshine.