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Old Christmas trees are new toys for Noah's Ark animals

Janu the elephant playing with one of the donated trees. Credit: Noah’s Ark Zoo

Who would've thought Christmas trees would be a great toy for Bengal tigers and African elephants?

At the Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in Bristol, African elephants Janu and M’Changa and Bengal tigers Tiana and Khan, are making the most of recycled Christmas trees.

Tiana brushing up against the Christmas tree pine needles. Credit: Noah’s Ark Zoo

Keepers let the animals enjoy playtime with the trees which have been prepared in different ways.

For the elephants, the old Christmas trees have been decorated with fruit and vegetable treats and hang from the ceiling of the Elephant barn.

10 year old African elephant Janu had fun picking off the treats. Credit: Noah's Ark Zoo

At the Big Cat Sanctuary, the trees are freshly sprayed with a scented perfume the attracts the tigers.

Keepers often use novel objects and scents to keep animals active. Credit: Noah's Ark Zoo

The trees have been donated to the zoo farm by the Almondsbury Garden Centre.