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Teenager rides the Cribbar wave

Teenager becomes youngest ever surfer to ride Cornish Cribbar wave Photo: Helen Zervas
Kamron Matthews, from Newquay has been surfing since he was a young child Credit: Joseph shields

A teenager has become the youngest ever person to ride the Cribbar wave in Cornwall.

Kamron Matthews,15, from Newquay wants to become a professional surfer and he's always wanted to ride the Cribbar wave.

The Cribbar is a reef off the Towan Headland in Newquay. Just a few times a year it can produce waves in excess of 30 feet.

Kamron went out with a small group of surfers yesterday (Jan 23) and after a few attempts managed to conquer the Cribbar wave.

His mum Gina was watching and says "We are proud of Kam's achievement and of course relieved that everyone who surfed that day were not hurt."

Kamron Matthews Credit: Dan Sedgwick
A 15-year-old boy has become the youngest ever surfer to ride the world-famous Cornish Cribbar wave Credit: Dan Sedgwick