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Prince Charles checks up on one of his tenants saving lives in Africa

Prince Charles visited the charity HQ both as president of the charity and as the landowner of their home. Photo: ITV West Country

It's housed in a picturesque village between Bristol and Bath, but the charity Send A Cow has helped millions of people - in Africa.

When it was set up 20 years ago they did exactly that. The charity sent cows to countries ravaged by famine. Fast forward to 2016, they continue to offer support and guidance to thousands across the African continent.

Prince Charles spent the day visiting the headquarters in Bath, both as president of the charity and as the landowner of their home.

The headquarters is expanding as the charity does - it's president is the Prince. Credit: ITV West Country

Much of the village is owned by the Duchy of Cornwall.

It's as English as it comes, but they are trying hard to help some of Africa's poorest people.

The charity don't send livestock any more, but it does offer farming skills, money advice and guidance on nutrition and sanitation in countries like Ethiopia, Lesutu Lesotho, Rwanda and Burundi.

Manthethe Monethi, the Country Director of Lesotho says the list of problems in these countries are never-ending:

The headquarters are expanding as the charity does. Today their president, or the Prince, came to hear how they are saving lives far away from their very English looking head office.