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400 jobs could be lost at Plymouth City Council

Across the country more than 25,000 jobs are under threat because of cuts to council spending, new research has revealed. Photo: ITV News

400 jobs could have to go at Plymouth City Council as it faces a £65 million shortfall due to government cuts.

Across the country more than 25,000 jobs are under threat because of cuts to council spending, new research has revealed.

Local authorities in many areas are proposing job losses, ranging from tens to thousands.

Proposed job losses at Plymouth City Council

The GMB union, which compiled the data, said it was now involved in daily meetings with councils in a bid to scale back the cuts and loss of services.

A Plymouth City Council spokesperson said "The Council's workforce has been reducing as the shape of the organisation changes and services are delivered in new ways. For example, the recent integration of health and adult social care services in the city saw Council staff transfer across to Plymouth Community Healthcare, while the creation of CATERed saw staff transfer to the first local authority cooperative trading company in the country."

The reduction in our workforce demonstrates the need for the Council to continue to change in both shape and size to respond to the ongoing financial challenges that we currently face.”

– Plymouth City Council spokesperson

Councillor Mark Lowry, Cabinet member for Finance, added that: “We are facing a £65m shortfall over the next three years due to successive years of Government cuts. We are working hard to protect services by transforming the way we do things and working proactively to generate income by growing Plymouth's economy."

As we try and balance our books and make sure we can still provide essential services for the people of Plymouth I’m afraid it is inevitable that this will result in a smaller Council workforce."

– Cllr Mark Lowry, Cabinet member for Finance

Proposed job losses which the GMB said it is dealing with amount to over 25,000, including:

  • 3,000 Glasgow City Council
  • 2,000 Edinburgh City Council
  • 1,800 Cumbria Council
  • 1,200 Birmingham City Council
  • 1,000 Coventry City Council
  • 1,000 Kirklees Council
  • 1,000 North Lanarkshire Council
  • 900 Fife Council
  • 700 Falkirk Council
  • 700 Derbyshire County Council
  • 640 Bradford Council
  • 640 Swansea
  • 600 South Tyneside Council
  • 540 Brighton & Hove City Council
  • 500 Leicestershire County Council
  • 500 Rotherham Council
  • 500 Lambeth
  • 454 Hampshire County Council
  • 450 Croydon Council
  • 400 Durham Councty Council
  • 400 Plymouth City Council
  • 400 South Lanarkshire Council
  • 400 Stockton Council
  • 400 Wandsworth and Richmond Councils
  • 400 Sheffield
  • 367 Lancashire County Council
  • 350 Walsall Council
  • 343 Northamptonshire County Council
  • 306 Argyll and Bute
  • 300 Blackpool Council
  • 275 Dudley Council
  • 250 East Sussex County Council
  • 250 Newcastle City Council
  • 200 Merthyr Tydfil Council
  • 186 Salford Council
  • 180 Nottinghamshire County Council
  • 180 Southampton City Council
  • 150 Stirling
  • 150 Kent County Council
  • 120 Warrington Borough Council
  • 100 Portsmouth City Council
  • 100 Worcestershire County Council
  • 85 Wirral
  • 84 Western Isles
  • 59 Southend Council
  • 51 Manchester City Council
  • 50 Cambridgeshire County Council
  • 46 Westminster
  • 45 Carlisle City Council
  • 45 Dundee City Council
  • 39 Rochdale Borough Council