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Crumbling Westcountry roads in desperate need of repair

Photo: ITV West Country

The state of some of our roads in the South West is appalling - as it emerges there's not enough cash to keep our highways to their current standard.

Devon County Council says it needs £60 million to keep the roads as they are - but this financial year it's only received £45 million to invest in the network.

For many drivers the situation is getting worse - with more potholes and ruts than ever appearing.

Credit: ITV West Country

One resident in Devon believes the road near her home must surely qualify as one of the Westcountry's worst potholed.

No matter where you go, you can't avoid hitting a hole.

– Anne Plumridge

Anne Plumridge says since last summer she's regularly contacted Devon County Council asking they repair this road on the outskirts of Sheldon, but to no avail.

Credit: ITV West Country

They've just done the main road from Honiton to Cullompton and that was perfectly alright.

They've done the whole road, put white lines and all on it and there wasn't even anything wrong with it, so I'm sure they could manage to spend a little bit up here.

– Anne Plumridge
Drift Lane near Sheldon in Devon. Credit: Anne Plumridge

In response, Devon County Council have said that this road is just one in the 8000 miles of roads it is responsible for - that's more than any other county in the UK.

annual cost for Devon County Council to stop roads getting any worse.
Government funding given to Council to help with repairs - leaving a shortfall

Last year the council received £45 million of Government funding to help with repairs - leaving a shortfall, meaning they say they must carefully select which roads are targeted to repair.

Credit: ITV West Country

While newer tarmac along some parts of Drift Lane is evidence some repair effort's have been made - there remains no promise for further repair's Anne feels are needed.

For now, it's up to those who can, to make the most of what's left.