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Taxpayers charged over council admin error

Photo: Joe Giddens / PA

Some council tax payers in Newton Abbot will have to pay more than £9 a year extra because of an admin error.

Teignbridge District Council and Newton Abbot Town Council have apologised after an administrative mistake means this year’s council tax bills in the town are higher than expected.

People in Band D have been charged £81, when they should've been charged just under £72.

Credit: Joe Giddens / PA
the difference between the amounts

The councils have apologised and says issuing new bills would be too costly, but they plan to reduce next year's fee accordingly.

The option of re-billing has been considered by the organisations but they concluded that the date for setting the tax had already passed, and even if this option was pursued, both councils agreed the costs of doing this would be disproportionate.

Newton Abbot Town Council and Teignbridge District Council understand some Newton Abbot bill-payers may have concerns and apologise for the discrepancy.

They have worked together to ensure the situation is resolved quickly and with the least amount of unnecessary bureaucracy.

– Teignbridge District Council