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Keep your home safe over Easter holidays

Remember to think about your home while you're packing your case Photo: PA Images

Police in the South West have some advice for keeping your home secure if you're away for the Easter holidays.

Tell your neighbour Ask a neighbour that you trust to look after your property when you are away to help make your property look like it's occupied.

They could drawing the curtains, turn lights on/off, push post through the letterbox and even park a car on your drive.

Restrict rear access Around 90% of domestic burglary is targeted from the back of homes.

Make sure side gates are locked and make sure any outside lighting is working.

Lock away garden tools Don't leave hard implements lying around that could be used to break in.

Lock away garden tools Credit: PA Images

Secure doors and windows Do not keep any keys in the lock or hidden near by, but make sure you and your family know where they are in case you need to get out.

Internal lights You can use time switches to turn on lights, radios etc. when you are out to give the impression the house is occupied.

Alarms Quality fitted alarms will certainly be a deterrent to burglars, but make sure you turn them on!

Mark your property You can mark all your valuables with a forensic marking kit or UV pen.

Also photograph valuable items such as jewellery or antiques so that any recovered property stands a better chance of being returned to you.

Are your location settings really necessary? Credit: PA Images

Social media Be careful what you post on social media, you don't want yo advertise the fact your house might be empty.

Whilst social media ‘check in’ features have their benefits, try to avoid using them on holiday as it could tip off criminals that you are away.

Consider whether you need the location setting in your photos, as it could help others identify your location.