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Cornwall charity helping with Ecuador water crisis

Flooding and structural damage has left families without clean water Photo: ShelterBox

Cornwall based charity 'Shelterbox' have been providing much needed help to people in Ecuador following a massive earthquake.

The earthquake hit on April 16th causing damage to water systems leaving families without safe drinking water.

Flooding had already poisoned crops in an area called Portoviejo before the earthquake happened.

This inundation brought black water into the rural, farming communities, filling their fields with excess minerals and suffocating the crops.

Not only will their livelihoods struggle, but they are now more vulnerable to life-threatening mosquitoes that carry Zika, Dengue and Malaria.

– Kara Lapso, ShelterBox
The earthquake hit on April 16th Credit: ShelterBox

ShelterBox are trying to help by providing water filtration equipment and water carriers, which allow a family to make polluted water drinkable.

There are plans for 2,000 families to receive a mix of Shelter Kits, water filtration, mosquito nets, cooking equipment, and all-important solar lighting as the area has only limited power supplies.

Plans are urgently being made to ship all this equipment from Panama,

Our project is all subject to approval from the Ecuador Government for us to operate in their country, and they already have our letter of commitment.

– Kara Lapso, ShelterBox