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Support for the people of St Ives over second homes

People of St Ives have voted to stop the spread of second homes in the town Credit: ITV News

The chairman of Exmoor National Park has lent her backing to the people of St Ives in Cornwall after their vote against second homes.

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The National Park Authority was the first area in the country to insist all new homes are sold to local people as the main occupants.

Lynmouth and Lynton - which you can just see at the top of the cliff railway

Exmoor's policy is to safeguard the future of communities. It followed a similar referendum in Lynton and Lynmouth.

Well as yet it's early days, we had our referendum in 2013, but already we have developers really interested in going forward with developing principle residences for the people of Lynton and Lynmouth and indeed the wider Exmoor National Park.

We were the first in the country, we had the first neighbourhood plan in a national park and I think it's going to be great for St Ives.

– Cllr Andrea Davis, Chairman , Exmoor National Park