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People power saves public toilets

Villagers have rallied round to save a vital facility - the local loos Credit: ITV News

A Cornish village has pulled together to save two of its most popular facilities from closing.

The public toilets in Gorran Haven were due to shut in April as part of council cuts - but now the community has taken them over, along with an old phone box.

An old phone box has a new lease of life as a library, which helps fund the loos Credit: ITV News

The phone box has been turned into a library to help fund the loos. Books are available to borrow, swap or buy - with all proceeds going towards keeping the loos up and running.

It is proving a big hit with visitors and locals alike - everyone seemingly anxious to spend a penny.

Gorran Haven would have been left without toilets, without the phone box being used.

With all the cuts, we thought it was really important to showcase our village and make sure it stayed open and free always for people to use - we've got old history photos in there, we've got flowers in there, and we've got local businesses advertising.

– Michael Bunney, Parish councillor

Anna Flavell cleans them twice a week. She's part of a rota made up of local volunteers and has a special reason for helping out.

When I heard we were going to be looking after them, I was quite happy to volunteer.

My daughter was very very poorly in her teens with Crohn's disease and she wouldn't have been able to go anywhere without us knowing there was going to be a toilet for her to use.


Even the local schoolchildren are doing their bit to support the new venture - bringing a few flowers to brighten up the village loos.