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Should we all get time off to watch the England game?

Would you ditch work to watch the England game? Photo: PA

A trade union has called on employers to let people watch the England game at work.

The South West TUC say letting staff watch the clash with Wales this afternoon will be good for morale. They want managers to let people either watch the game from the office or allow some flexibility so they can watch the game elsewhere and make up the hours at a later stage.

The regional office added that big tournaments like the Euros are great for building bonds in the workforce.

Thousands of workers in the South West will want to cheer on England tomorrow.

Tournaments like Euro 2016 can be a great chance to build camaraderie at work, with working people running sweepstakes and spending time together. It’s important employers do not score an own goal by acting like killjoys.

– Nigel Costley, South West TUC Regional Secretary

What do you think? Would you give time off to watch the game? Are you sneaking off anyway?

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