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North Bristol NHS Trust goes into special measures

The new Southmead Hospital opened in April 2014. Photo: Southmead Hospital

Patients have been told their care will not be affected by North Bristol NHS Trust going into special financial measures.

The trust, which runs Southmead Hospital, is overspending by around £250,000 a day. Its predicted deficit for this year is £48 million.

Southmead's atrium clock cost £250,000. Credit: Southmead Hospital

7% of the trust's annual turnover goes towards repaying the cost of the £430 million rebuild of Southmead Hospital. Under a Private Finance Initiative (PFI), a private company organised and financed the project on the trust's behalf.

Around 100 hospitals have been funded like this. Successive governments have argued that PFIs facilitate big infrastructure projects, but others worry that the taxpayer does not get value for money.

In a statement the Trust reassured patients, but could not offer the same certainty to staff:

"I would like to reassure patients that they will see no change in the care or treatment they receive and that appointments and planned operations will continue as normal and access to emergency care remains unchanged.

We are in the process of informing our staff and will keep them updated as we understand further what this improvement action means for our organisation."

– Andrea Young, Chief Executive of North Bristol NHS Trust
Credit: Southmead Hospital

London managers will now work with the Trust to come up with a recovery plan, which they will oversee. NHS Improvement says it expects to bring about rapid change at the Trust.

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