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Teenagers searching for Pokémon rescued from rising tide in Somerset

Six teenagers have been rescued by the coastguard after almost getting cut off by the sea while searching for Pokémon Go characters.

Credit: PA

The boys were hunting for the virtual creatures at the unsafe Old Pier on Birnbeck Island in Weston super Mare.

Coastguards alerted Weston's volunteer lifeboat crew shortly before 9pm on Thursday (29 July).

Two of the boys were spotted wading back across the shingle bank to the shore with the tide rising rapidly to chest height.

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The shingle at Birnbeck Island in Weston super Mare. Credit: RNLI

The lifeboat crew then noticed four more boys walking along the pier's unsafe walkway back to the shore.

The RNLI said no one was injured in the incident.

Credit: PA

This is the latest incident involving Pokemon Go. Elsewhere a foot passenger using the Torpoint Ferry in Plymouth, Devon was reportedly ejected after staying on the ferry for an extended period to catch Pokemon.