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Bristol Zoo to hold a second Pokémon Go event

Join the hunt for virtual creatures with the backdrop of Bristol Zoo Credit: Bristol Zoo

Bristol Zoo will be running another Pokémon Go event after the activity proved so popular last week that a thousand gamers were turned away.

It expected around 800 people to attend the after hours session on Wednesday 27 July but more than 3,000 people joined the queue.

Our first Pokémon Go event was a huge success. We were overwhelmed with the amount of interest.

Unfortunately we had to turn some people away so, as a thank you to those people, and to those who couldn’t get to us, we have decided to hold another event.

We received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from people who turned up. There was a great vibe around the Zoo, people were extremely respectful and it was clear they were finding lots of new Pokémon. We’re all really looking forward to seeing more and more fans here at the Zoo.

– Owain Cassidy, Bristol Zoo

The event on Wednesday 4 August is free but fans will have to register for tickets. PokéMasters are also being encouraged to make a suggested donation of £3. The money will go to the Zoo's conservation fund to help save wildlife locally and around the world.

Donated to Bristol Zoo's conservation fund during the first Pokémon Go event

During the event, ‘Lures’ will be applied to give people a greater chance of catching some of the rarest Pokémon available.

The Zoo has around 12 PokéStops, as well as a PokeGym where people can battle their Pokémon against fellow PokéMasters.

Some people have expressed concern about the safety of the zoo animals but the zoo says all animal exhibits, including Twilight World and the Gorilla House, will not be accessible during the events.

It has also provided some guidance for gamers:

  • Do not cross a barrier or enter any animal enclosures. For the safety of you and your Pokémon please don’t wander into any unauthorised areas.
  • Stay alert and watch your step, particularly on stairs and pathways. We want all visitors and Pokémon trainers to have a safe experience.
  • We have Bristol Zoo staff on site at all times so please contact any Zoo staff member if you need assistance. They are also clued up as to where the best Pokémon and Pokéstops can be found so hit them up for their expert knowledge.
  • There is enough Pokémon for everyone, so please don’t run. The only fights we want to see are the ones going on in the Pokégym!
  • There is free Wi-Fi around the whole Zoo site. We want you to find as many Pokémon without racking up huge charges so feel free to log on.
  • All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Gates will open from 5.30pm to 7.30pm for the event which runs till 8pm on Wednesday 3 August