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How DNA and a tattoo brought an attacker to justice 33 years on

David Green has been brought to justice, 33 years after the horrific attack Credit: Avon & Somerset Police

A man has been jailed for nine years after admitting the historical sexual assault and kidnap of a 15-year-old girl in Weston Super Mare. 60-year-old David Green from Birmingham attacked his victim 33 years ago.

His victim managed to provide crucial information about her attacker, including a description of a tattoo on his arm.

The dungeon-like store room next to Marine Lake where the attack happened Credit: ITV News

Green's teenage victim, had been walking to work along the seafront on the afternoon of 17th July 1983.

She was subjected to a prolonged and terrifying attack in a dungeon-like store room by Marine Lake. It was described in Bristol Crown Court as the stuff of nightmares.

Despite police appeals, the case went cold for 30 years.

But last year detectives re-examined fibres found on the victim's t-shirt. And thanks to DNA advances they got a perfect match.

The hand-made tattoo on David Green's arm was described in detail by his victim Credit: Avon & Somerset Police

David Green was also identified by his distinctive tattoo. This is the moment he revealed it in his interview with police in February 2016.

Green eventually pleaded guilty and is tonight behind bars. But his victim, who's now 48, says her life has been blighted by what happened that day and it is her who's living with a life sentence.

Police say the courage shown by the victim has been immense.

Finally after 33 years the offender has been brought to justice and can finally serve time for what ordeal she's been put through and to this very day still reliving.

It's a long time to have something like this to carry with you and to think the attacker is out there somewhere and who are they - you know looking over your shoulder and today that person is behind bars for 9 years.

– Detective Constable Scott Westbrook-Smith