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We want your memories: celebrations as outdoor swimming club turns 100

Did you know there's a swimming lake a quarter of a mile long - in the suburbs of Bristol?

And people have been taking a dip at Henleaze for decades.

In the run up to the 100 year birthday of the swimming club there, trustees are asking for people's memories from over the years.

There's even films showing American Olympic diver Pete Desjardins giving a demonstration to Bristolians back in 1935.

Credit: Henleaze Swimming Club

Today it caters more for the leisure swimmer. People who shun the chlorine of indoor pools.

It's so much more invigorating, the fresh air, the peacefulness, the swimming amongst trees, birds, the odd fish jumping.

– Lake user
Credit: Henleaze Swimming Club

I'm fine with the cold water because I've been swimming here for 30 years, two years ago we started winter swimming, which does get fairly challenging and very cold - but people find it very invigorating.

Actually when you've been through the winter swimming the summer isn't a problem.

– Mark Thompson, Henleaze Swimming Club

They've been using the lake in all weathers since it stopped being used as a quarry at the turn of the last century.

It's hosted skating in winters, bathing in summers, galas and even water polo.

Now, ahead of the club's century birthday, it's appealing for people's memories.

Janet Cocks with her mother and brother back in the 1930s. Credit: Janet Cocks

Janet Cocks is 84 and has been visiting the lake all her life. She says there have been few changes over the decades.

And the lake is still creating memories - high board diver Charlie Peak-Payne explained.

Soon the club will celebrate 100 years of high diving and swimming in this little-known corner of Bristol.