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New report says farms 'need to become more diverse'

The new report says farms need to become more diverse Photo: ITV News

Farms across the West Country need to become more diverse, according to the Campaign to Protect Rural England. It says the Government is funding larger farms at the expense of smaller ones which benefit the environment and wildlife.

The report claims 80 percent of the Common Agricultural Policy payment goes to the 20 percent largest farms. It's promoting 'new model farming' which encourages a range of production and also suggests land should be made available for new farmers and communities.

The new report promotes a new model of farming Credit: ITV News

"The Government has a great opportunity post-Brexit to determine what farming and the English countryside will look like. Do we really want to continue the pattern of ever larger agri-business, less connected to communities and out of kilter with nature?

"To forge a more resilient future, the Government should encourage a mix of farms that produce different foods for local people and varied, thriving landscapes. The obvious place to start is by redirecting funding to help smaller, more innovative and mixed farms, and by making land available for new farmers to enter the market."

– Graeme Willis, food and farming campaigner at the Campaign to Protect Rural England