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'I'm disgusted' mum of pool stomach bug boy slams authority

A mother whose little boy caught a serious stomach bug after swimming at the Swindon pool claims the authorities were slow to react.

Jake Killingback, from the town, was in hospital for five weeks - but the Oasis Leisure Centre was only closed some three weeks after he fell ill.

The local council says nine other cases in the town are potentially linked to the pool.

The eight-year-old is still recovering from his nasty ordeal.

After returning from a swim at the Oasis Leisure centre near his home he fell seriously ill.

Jake had picked up a waterborne disease called cryptosporidiosis - and the pool was the prime suspect.

They asked me all the questions about where we'd been and had we been near any animals or to the farm, which we hadn't.

Then they asked if we'd been swimming and it all clicked.

– Emma Killingback, Jake's mother
The Oasis Leisure Centre in Swindon Credit: ITV West Country

Jake was in hospital for five weeks when the bug lodged in his gut.

His mother claims that she told Swindon Council about the potential link to the pool around July the 20. But it was only on August the 12 - more than three weeks later - that it was closed by the private operator - after other cases had been reported.

A third of the 30 confirmed cases in Swindon since June are potentially linked to swimming atn the Oasis pool, which has resulted in its closure as a precaution.

GLL, who run the pool, are co-operating and the pool has been shut whilst the water is drained

– Swindon Borough Council

GLL say they have taken prompt action to eradicate what they call "a chlorine resistant bug from the water".

They say they are working hard to get the work done as quickly as possible, but the closure of the pool emphasises the need for good hygiene, such as showering before entering the water.

The pool's expected to stay closed for another week - meanwhile Jake has a simple description of his experience.