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Seal pup rescued from Plymouth Harbour after eluding busy shipping lanes

A common seal pup has been rescued from Plymouth Harbour. Credit: National Marine Aquarium

A common seal pup has been rescued from Plymouth Harbour after getting stranded on rocks there.

A team from the National Marine Aquarium - conveniently located right next to where the seal got stranded - saw the seal in trouble on Saturday.

The pup was taken to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Gweek with injuries to its tail, back flippers and lower jaw.

The seal pup got through shipping lanes, ferries and boat traffic in Plymouth Sound. Credit: National Marine Aquarium

The teams from the aquarium and Cornish Seal Sanctuary said they were most concerned the seal could be harassed and forced into the water because it was found so close to the city.

After an assessment at the Seal Sanctuary it became clear the pup was a female and - other than her injuries - was in relatively good health despite being a little slim.

She was given a liquid feed, which included extra electrolytes, to remedy any signs of dehydration.

The seal was rescued by teams from the National Marine Aquarium, Cornish Seal Sanctuary and British Divers Marine Life Rescue. Credit: National Marine Aquarium

James Wright, Curator at the National Marine Aquarium, said:

It’s out of the ordinary for a pup, especially a common seal pup to be found in this part of the UK coastline. It was quite a feat for her to manage to get past all the shipping lanes, ferries and boat traffic in the Sound to this location! The female pup is now recovering at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, where she is under close observation by the veterinary staff.

We have had news of her progress as she has started to feed for herself so at the moment the prognosis seems to be very positive that she will be rehabilitated and safely released relatively soon.

– James Wright, National Marine Aquarium Curator