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Teenager with Locked in Syndrome makes powerful film

A young man from Devon who is effectively locked in his own paralysed body has made a powerful film - to inspire people to stay positive in the face of adversity.

Howard Wicks had a stroke at his home in Kingsbridge aged 16, which left his brain and mind normal, but his body completely paralysed.

Howard Wicks has made a film about his Locked in Syndrome Credit: Howard Wicks/Fixers

Howard hasn't given up hope of walking again and says his experience could make him a better person.

Howard stills wants a family, pets and his own house.

Both friends and medical experts say he has a terrific attitude.

Dr Hilary Gunn, Plymouth University Credit: Fixers

We know that approach and attitude is everything really. We have got quite a lot of research evidence which tells us about how important it is for people to have a positive outlook, to have goals and aims and really to keep motivated, despite what can be really life-changing problems that they face.

So it’s a lesson for all of us really

– Dr Hilary Gunn, Plymouth University

Howard's film was made with the help of Fixers, the campaign which gives young people a voice.

You can see the whole of his moving story here:

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