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Tattoos - a gallery

The Local Government Association wants tougher sentences for unlicensed tattooists known as 'scratchers'. It warns using them can lead to permanent scarring or even infections.

We asked you for your experiences - both bad and good. Here are the ones you're proud of.

Mine and my husband's matching tattoos Credit: Clare Matt Reid Morgans
Some impressive artwork here Credit: Jordan Michael
My Autism tattoo for my two kids (Daughter and Son) both on the spectrum. Credit: Emma Banfield
My precious Mum and Dad Credit: Jenny Eyles
Work in progress - hubby's back Credit: Kerry Young
My survivor tattoo, because cancer isn't pink and fluffy Credit: Claire Eke
Both my thighs. Left one is time and date I was born. Right one is a naval theme for my gramp Credit: Katy Melissa
My lovely tattoo of my daughter who passed away three years ago Credit: Lynn Barr
My cornish pasty tattoo Credit: Konrad Booth
This is one my husband designed for me Credit: Anne Hockey
This has to be the smallest we've seen Credit: David Warfield
Another impressive piece of artwork - it's very new too Credit: Dickie Ringpiece
Love my peacock feather and lily Credit: Lisa Rosemary Lucas
Love my tattoo - getting two more done on Sunday Credit: Tammy Kelson
Wearing your hero on your back Credit: Lance Monks
Or remembering a much-loved pet Credit: Clive Firth