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Sooty the Sweep! Young owl rescued from chimney

An owl has had a lucky escape after being found inside a chimney.

Credit: Avon Owls

The avian chimney sweep - who is a young Tawny Owl, has been named Sooty by the children of his rescuer.

He was given a good clean but seems unharmed. Credit: Avon Owls

Sooty was found inside a chimney and when extracted was brought straight to us.

Physically Sooty looks ok and has been cleaned and given fluid, an eye wash, food and is now sitting cosy in the intensive care unit for some much need rest!

– Avon Owls

Luckily, the stint up the chimney doesn't seem to have done him any harm - it's hoped he can be released in the next few days.

Sooty is recovering but should soon be released. Credit: Avon Owls