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Eleven people from Weston sentenced for drugs supply

Sentences totalling 28 years were handed out by His Honour Judge Patrick Photo: Avon & Somerset Police

11 people from Weston-super-Mare have been jailed for for their involvement in the illegal supply of drugs.

Sentences totalling just over 28 years were handed out by His Honour Judge Patrick for what he referred to as the “peddling of misery”.

Class A drugs cause misery to those that use them, their families and the community. They cause further criminality and acquisitive crime. If you peddle misery you can expect long prison sentences.

– HH Judge Patrick

The eight men and three women were originally arrested following an investigation by officers from the Bournville and Old Mixon One Team in 2014. Their work revealed a local crime group conspiring to supply class A and B drugs.

Officers spent 18 months analysing and securing evidence. Through their determination, diligence and professionalism they unearthed an organised drug crime hierarchy responsible for the supply of cocaine and cannabis into local estates.

"They presented a highly detailed and evidentially solid case and as a result, 11 offenders pleaded guilty to various drug supply offences from possession to conspiracy to supply. We were also able to show how significantly particular individuals were involved to ensure they received appropriate sentences.

– Sergeant Colin Batchelor, Bournville One Team

Christopher Sheppard, 26, from Sunnyside Road was given five years for his part in the drug supply conspiracy and 12 months for breaching conditions of a previous conviction, these will run consecutively.

For his involvement in “heavily funding drugs supply in Weston”, HH Judge Patrick sentenced 36 year-old Adam Clarke from White Cross View, to six years in prison.

  • Duane Long, 28, from Fullens Close was given a three year custodial sentence.
  • Ashley Cook, 28, from The Bury, was given 22 months in prison.
  • 30 year-old Stuart Clelland from Westfield Road, Banwell, was given three years and fourth months.
  • Dean Cowell, 31, from Windemere Avenue, was given two and a half years plus nine months for breaching a suspended sentence which will run consecutively.
  • Carl Myers also from Westfield Road in Banwell was given two and a half years.
  • Laura and Patrick Sheppard from Bloomfield, Old Mixon, were given 18 months and two and half years respectively.
  • 24 year-old Eleanor Sheppard, from Perrymead in Weston, was given a 12 month Community Order and ordered to do 18 hours of unpaid work for the benefit of her community.
  • Charlene Miles, 33, from Midford Road was given a two year suspended sentence and ordered to do 18 hours of unpaid work for the community and a mandatory 30 day rehabilitation requirement