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Council: 'every reasonable effort' made to save Banksy mural

An investigation into the destruction of an iconic Banksy mural has found that it couldn't be saved.

Council chiefs in Cheltenham have decided not to take any action against the owner of a house where the famous Banksy 'Spy Booth' artwork was destroyed during building work.

The mural, which appeared in 2014, was removed by a man with a power drill in August of this year.

he Spy Booth mural has been vandalised several times before it vanished. Credit: ITV West Country

Cheltenham Borough Council has said the authority had ordered the owner to carry out "urgent works" on the house.

They were designed to stop further deterioration of the listed building, make it weatherproof and stop the risk of falling render.

But the work resulted in the loss of the Banksy mural on the exterior wall.

The render containing the artwork crumbled and cracked into pieces.

This is where the mural used to be. Credit: ITV West Country

After an investigation, Cheltenham Borough Council says it is satisfied that the owner’s contractors had made every reasonable effort to save the mural from damage.

All that's left of the mural... Credit: ITV West Country

The mural was not salvageable, as large areas of the external render to the building were defective. Over time, the render had shrunk and cracked allowing damp to penetrate and leading to the render becoming loose.

– Cheltenham Borough Council

The council added that it regrets that it was not possible for the Banksy to be retained as public art.

"Any feasible action against the owner in relation to the Banksy would not be proportionate, or in the public interest."