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Think of the bees...Cornwall Council's pesticide promise

The neonicotinoid pesticide could be harmful to bees. Photo: Credit: PA

Cornwall Council is supporting an action plan to help save the county's bees population from decline.

Bees are essential for pollinating our crops and flowers - but their numbers have seen a worrying drop.

Now the council has pledged not to routinely use potentially harmful pesticides such as Neonicotinoids on land which it owns or manages.

Credit: ITV News

Bees are vital to our ecosystem and we must do all we can to halt their decline and to protect them and their habitats.

I’m delighted that the Council has taken the concerns of so many on board and taken this opportunity to agree to produce a pollinator action plan.

– Edwina Hannaford, cabinet member for planning

Further measures could include work to protect habitats.