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Man holds mattress delivery drivers hostage

Dean Smith wasn't prepared to let his delivery go without a fight Credit: Dean Smith

Here's a story that will strike a chord with any of you who've dashed home to take a delivery - and then discovered you've missed your slot.

That was the situation facing Dean Smith from Tavistock. He arrived back on time for the delivery of a £400 mattress - but to his horror he saw the delivery van disappear up the road.

At that point Mr Smith decided he wasn't going to let it go without a fight.

The mattress at the centre of the delivery row Credit: Dean Smith

Mr Smith followed the van and managed to speak to the driver when he pulled over in a country lane to make a phone call. He asked him if they were carrying the mattress he'd bought on Amazon.

When they said they were, Mr Smith asked the driver and his assistant to return to his house in Tavistock to deliver it. The two men refused, saying it had been logged as a missed delivery and would need to be returned to a warehouse 70 miles away in Taunton, Somerset.

Mr Smith grabbed the keys to the van and refused to give them back until they gave him his goods. Then the police arrived and - after threatening to arrest him - ordered the drivers to make the delivery.

Amazon is investigating the incident.

Let the seemingly mild-mannered Mr Smith tell the story in his own words. And yes he is sat on his prize - the very mattress at the centre of the argument.