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Festive favourite turned on its head as engineers reinvent Christmas tree


Engineers have attempted to put a new twist on a festive favourite - and reinvent the Christmas tree.

The challenge, set by Wiltshire firm Dyson, gave each team four weeks to complete their 'trees'.

Three teams went head-to-head using their expertise in software programming, laser cutting and electronics to design and build three entirely unique Christmas trees.


The Twistmastree Credit: Dyson
  • Half traditional and half engineered, this tree is inspired by inner-workings.
  • Built from more than 54 gears and cogs, this tree uses these interlinking cogs and gears to power a ‘countdown to Christmas’ clock at the top.
Infinitree Credit: Dyson
  • Strategically placed mirrors create the effect of an infinite tree.
  • Decorated with cyclones taken from Dyson cord-free vacuum cleaners, and baubles crafted from Dyson Supersonic hair dryers, this tree is lit up with more than 1,500 LED’s which can be remotely controlled to display different effects – one being a simulation of snow falling from the top with a flash for every time a snowflake lands on the floor.
Snow Globe Credit: Dyson
  • This tree sits inside a Buckminster Fuller inspired geodesic dome, built entirely from Dyson cord-free vacuum cleaner wands.
  • Inside the dome is the tree, which is formed out of clear plastic cyclones and has a continuous airflow of snow falling from the top of the tree.

And the winner?

Credit: Dyson

The biggest challenge when building Infinitree was to ensure that the two halves of the tree synchronised in terms of timing and lighting patterns. We had to write some tricky coding, which acted as signalling lines between each side.

– Matthew Seymour, Electronics Hardware Engineer

We wanted to create something that embodied the Dyson culture, and our forward thinking approach. Through our use of LED’s and mirrors, we believe we have managed to turn the traditional Christmas tree on its head.

– Harriet Lewis, Finance Graduate

The trees were judged by our Head of Concepts Director.

You can watch their efforts, and how they created their designs here: